1. Only dogs that are wormed, flea protected and have up-to-date vaccination records for Kennel Cough and Veterinary prescribed vaccinations and boosters against canine infections will be accepted.

2. DOGGYHOLS is unable to board dogs that are subject to the terms of the dangerous dogs act 1991. Doggyhols is unable to accept dogs that have shown aggression towards other dogs or people.

3. Any dog showing aggression or biting during it’s board will be required to be removed by the emergency contact. If the emergency contact is unable to take the dog then the dog will be placed in a suitable kennel with the owner being responsible for the kennel fees and with no refund of home boarding fees.

4. If there are behavioural problems or the dog is extremely unwell during boarding &, as a result, the Dog Minder is unable to continue looking after the dog, then the emergency contact will be made aware and we will try to find another dog minder. If this is not possible and the emergency contact is unwilling to have the dog then Doggyhols in consultation with the emergency contact, will place the dog in veterinary accommodation or suitable kennels with the owners being responsible for associated costs.

5. Mutually convenient times for drop off and collections must be agreed between the owners and the dog minders. 5a. The emergency contact must be aware of their role, duties and responsibilities and be available throughout the booking.

6.It is a legal requirement for all dogs to wear a collar with an identity tag, showing the name and address of the owner (phone number is optional but recommended). In addition, all dogs boarded with Doggyhols must wear a tag with the dog minder’s details shown. All collars, leads and any other equipment must be fit for purpose and be supplied by the dogs owner.

7. The owner is responsible for supplying: Enough suitable food, water bowls & food bowls, bed & bedding, fixed leads, toys & treats. If there is insufficient food provided then the owner agrees to reimburse the dog minder for any food purchased.

8. The owner or emergency contact is responsible for any veterinary fees incurred.

9. The owner is responsible for any costs incurred by the dog minder through damage to the dog minders home or possessions by the dog, other than wear and tear

10. If your dog escapes from the premises or whilst walking then any liabilities for the dogs actions remain the responsibility of the owner (this applies assuming there is no negligence found against the dog minder).

11. The dog must be used to living in a home environment, must be house-trained and must not exhibit territorial marking. Doggyhols will only accept dogs aged 12 months and over that have been neutered and bitches must also be 12 months at least and be spayed. 11a. If the customer owns a rescue dog then the dog must have lived with the owner for a minimum of six months.

12. A booking will only be regarded as confirmed on receipt by Doggyhols of the booking fee and the signed booking form (This should be within 5 days of meeting the dog minder). 12a. The booking fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. 12b. Owners must give accurate, detailed information for the booking form and agree to update Doggyhols about any changes prior to repeat/future booking. Any failure to disclose changes which in Doggyhols view make the dog unsuitable for boarding will result in a breach of conditions and Clause ..4… will apply. 12c. Dog Minders will do everything possible to give high standards of care but Doggyhols and their dog minders cannot be held liable for loss, injury or death for matters outside of their control unless negligence is shown. 12d. The owner agrees to only book/ repeat book through Doggyhols and understands that Doggyhols insurance and guidelines are only valid when booked through Doggyhols. 12e. The owner agrees to collect their dog at the agreed date and time and understands that they will not be entitled to any refunds for early collection. 12f. The owner agrees that failure to collect their dog within 10 days of the agreed pick up date will result (after every effort has been made to contact the owner and emergency contact) in the dog being put forward for re-homing.

13. For dogs with any conditions that require medication to be given then the owner must write full details on the booking form and sign/date to validate the agreement with the dog minder. As per Clause 12a, any subsequent changes must be advised to the dog minder and sign/dated to validate at drop off.

14. In any emergency Doggyhols will contact the owner or emergency contact to make decisions in the dog’s best interests but if this proves impossible we reserve the right to act on the owners behalf, obtaining and Following advice from a veterinary surgeon.

15. If the dog minder is unable to proceed with an advance booking, due to different personal circumstances, then we will aim to board the dog with another carer but this may be in a different location. We reserve the right at our discretion to cancel the booking and refund the fee without any liability to Doggyhols. 15a. If a dog minder starts the boarding of a dog but is unable to continue for whatever reason then we will aim to board the dog with an alternative dog minder. This may be in a different location and if it is not possible to re-board the dog then the emergency contact will be asked to take the dog. Failing that, the dog will be placed in suitable kennels and Doggyhols will be responsible for the costs. We reserve the right at our discretion to cancel the booking and refund the fee without any liability to Doggyhols.

16. I have read these Terms and Conditions and agree to all clauses, including the terms of the veterinary authorisation and emergency contact details. By booking with Doggyhols I agree with the Terms & Conditions. 6th April 2018