How can I be sure my dog will be happy and well looked after and will my dog be exercised?

All our minders are dog lovers that have been individually recruited and all are licensed by the local authority, as well as being fully insured. You will meet the dog minder before booking and they all have many years of dog ownership experience and have secure rear gardens and space to look after your dog.

Your dog’s daily exercise will be discussed at the meeting so you know the minder will follow your normal routine. Dogs are walked only on leads and will wear a doggyhols ID tag with the minders details on it.

What if my dog doesn’t mix too well with other dogs and why is home dog boarding becoming so popular?

All dogs are .individually matched with minders and we never mix dogs from different households. If you have 2 dogs they can be  boarded with the same minder so your pets can stay together. Our dog minders will always follow your advice about other dogs when out walking.

Dog ownership is increasing year by year and many owners prefer home dog boarding because it provides the home from home situation that is comfortable and stress free.

Does my dog need to be vaccinated and insured?

Yes all dogs must be vaccinated against kennel cough and be treated for worms and fleas. You will be asked to bring vaccination certificates to the meeting, as well as confirmation of ID chip number.

Pet insurance is a personal choice but you must be registered with a local vet and be ready to give permission for treatment in your absence in the unlikely event that health care is necessary whilst you are away.

How do I book?

Call or email us to discuss your dog’s needs and dates and we’ll explain what happens next. We’ll then match your dog with the ideal minder and arrange a meeting for you at the minders home. If you’re happy to go ahead just let us know and we’ll send you a booking form. Return the booking form with the deposit within 5 days and we’ll confirm the booking.

So if your dog needs a holiday home we would love to hear from you

For more information give us a call or email.

We will be pleased to give you all the information you need to decide on Doggyhols for your pets next holiday. 07766 027223