Our Dog Minders

All of our minder families are dedicated dog lovers who are available to give dogs a short or a long break and are of course at home throughout the day. Our minders need to have great experience with the family’s best friend and have the time and passion to look after dogs in their own home. This is a rewarding role where minders get paid to do something they love , whilst staying active and sociable.

Having been owners for three generations of terriers and becoming dog minders as a result, we know how different the house can be without a dog and yet how much joy is felt from having a dog in the home. If you have a flexible routine and have the right experience and aptitude then this could be just the thing for you.If you are interested in becoming a Dog Minder, please ring us for an informal chat and ask any questions or email us with your details and we will come back to you.


The main requirements to be a Dog Minder are: You must be at home during the day. You must have a completely secure garden and own your own property . You shouldn’t have any other pets or dogs or children under 5 years of age living with you. Essentially, you must love dogs and have experience of owning dogs. If you can meet these needs and want to earn a little extra money then please contact us for further information to proceed.

Dog Minders Check

If you meet all the requirements listed above, we will come and visit you at your home. We will check the security of the garden, explain our procedures and show you the guidelines each minder needs to follow. If you are happy with everything and we feel you would make a suitable Doggyhols Dog Minder, we would follow up a reference and arrange public liability insurance for you.

Local Authority Licensing

Dog Minders (home dog boarders) must be licensed by the local authority. If you are going ahead, then you would apply to the council for a home boarding licence, we can help you with this but it is a straight forward process.

How Many Dogs Can Be Boarded?

We provide an exclusive service so a maximum of two dogs from the same household will stay with you BUT We will ask you how many dogs you would like to look after and what sized dog/s you would be happy to care for.

Is It A Demanding Role?

Most dogs will need need regular exercise so dogs should be taken out each day for walks. When you have your meeting with the owners all routines, including the number and length of walks will be discussed dog is only ever walked on a lead.

Becoming A Dog Minder

If you are interested in becoming a Dog Minder please call or email for more information.

We will be pleased to help you with anything you need to decide on Doggyhols .

lynsey@doggyhols.co.uk 07766 027223